Introducing GoBro -- undoubtedly your best companion for all your Pokemon GO adventures!

Whether you are searching for that elusive Pokemon to fill out your Pokedex, hunting for nests to farm candy to evolve your Pokemon, or simply want to know where the popular GO spots are, GoBro's got your back!

With GoBro's realtime maps showing you nearby Pokemon, your Pokedex will be overflowing in no time!

GoBro is available for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store. Did we mention it's FREE!
Say "Hello" to GoBro

GoBro features Intuitive PAN and ZOOM functionality to see what other people in the area have found. Maybe there's a Snorlax or Lapras just around the corner... GoBro will show you the way!

Plus, easily MANAGE your map view and LIST nearby Pokemon from one easy to use screen -- when you're Go-ing, every second counts!

Customize Your Map View

Okay we know you can't always be playing Pokemon Go. But what if a super rare Pokemon spawns when you're not actively using GoBro? No worries, GoBro can send you ALERTS when nearby Pokemon appear. Simply select which Pokemon you are interested in tracking, select a search radius, and then let GoBro go to work searching for you.

Background Alerts

Realtime Scanning + Worldwide Coverage

GoBro makes finding nearby Pokemon easy. GoBro features completely hands-free AUTO scanning of the area around you. This means you see the map update in realtime with you ever needing to remember to rescan or refresh the map!

GoBro is available WORLDWIDE! Wherever Pokemon Go is available to play, you can be sure GoBro will be there.

Chase Mode

So you've spotted that Pokemon you've been searching weeks for on the map, but there's only a few precious minutes to catch it before it's gone -- with one touch GoBro brings up CHASE MODE to guide you directly to your precious find!

Think of CHASE MODE as your personal GPS navigation system to guide you to where that Pokemon is, making it as easy as following the green line! And even better, when you reach the Pokemon, GoBro can be configured to AUTOMATICALLY switch you into Pokemon Go, again saving you precious seconds!